Keynote: “Well, It Worked on My Computer”: On Reproducibility in Security Research

Computer Security is a critical area of research. As such, the artifacts within Computer Security should accelerate the pace of progress in the community. However, nearly every researcher has expressed difficulty in comparing their work against prior work. In this talk, I will discuss our lab’s work in assessing the state of reproducibility and the avenues for better reproducibility within the Computer Security community.

Speaker bio: Daniel Olszewski (Ozzy) grew up in Kalispell, MT and graduated from Carroll College in Helena, MT with a bachelor’s in Computer Science and Mathematics. He then joined the University of Florida to avoid the cold in 2019 with Dr. Patrick Traynor. His research focus reproducible computer security with extensive experience in deepfakes, machine learning, and network security. He will be on the job market in the Fall.

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